Steve Tanelli

Steve Tanelli

Bergen County Veteran of the Week: Michael Martyn

Michael Martyn hails from Lodi, NJ. He’s the oldest of 6 children, but was separated from his  siblings due to foster care. He grew up in foster homes, shelters, and group homes. Always seeking  to give back, Mike did well in high school and always had the desire to serve. He served as a  volunteer EMT in the Borough of Lodi, and was a 911 dispatcher for a few years. Then, he joined the New Jersey Army National Guard in 2006 out of desire to serve the country, completing his  basic training and advanced individual training at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO and serving as a Military Police Officer.  

Mike was deployed with A Troop 102 Cav, and was attached to 2-113 infantry to Camp Bucca Iraq from 2008 to 2009. Mike and his unit served in the Middle East for about a year. During his  deployment, Mike served as a machine gunner providing security on supply routes for military  convoys, and as a force protection specialist on the base camp they were stationed at. Constantly facing dangerous situations, Mike carried out his duties in Iraq with honor and distinction. After returning from his deployment, Mike completed his National Guard enlistment, serving for the next few years. He left the military as a Sergeant, and while the transition was a bit of a struggle for him  when he came back, he was determined to find a career.  

Currently, Mike works as a Construction and Maintenance Technician for the New Jersey Department of Transportation. Just some of his duties in this role included performing physical  testing of construction materials including asphalt, concrete, aggregates, steel, and electrical items.  He executes calibration and routine maintenance on testing equipment, performing basic  mathematical calculations to determine test results and dimensions according to plans and  specifications. He also manages contractors and employees for various work projects in the North  Region and has been with the NJ DOT for more than a decade. 

In his spare time, Mike designs handmade custom pens and spends time with his young family. He  hopes to be able to assist kids going through the foster care system, knowing the impact that  positive role models can have on those young lives. He hopes to one day start a non-profit that can  support foster kids in their transition from the foster care system.  

He is married to his beautiful wife, Katie, and has 2 daughters, Nora Ann, 4, and a recently born baby  girl, Hope, a few month old. 

Thank you for your service, Mike!

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Freeholder Steve Tanelli

Freeholder Steve Tanelli

Steven A. Tanelli was elected to the Bergen County Board of Freeholders on November 6, 2012. He currently serves as the Chair Pro Tempore of the Freeholder Board.

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