Steve Tanelli

Steve Tanelli

Bergen County Parks Staff Spotlight: Cindy Norton, Zoo Curator

Bergen County Parks provide a safe place for people to gather, connect, learn, and relax. Each park throughout the County has a story worth telling, a story of countless experiences and fond memories. It is thanks to the dedicated efforts of Bergen County Parks staff that we can continue to add new chapters to our story. 

In recognition of National Park and Recreation Month, we went out into the field to ask for our Bergen County Parks staff about their #ParkandRecStory in their own words. 

This week, Cindy Norton spoke about her time working as the Zoo Curator at the Bergen County Zoo. 

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Commissioner Steve Tanelli

Commissioner Steve Tanelli

Steven A. Tanelli was elected to the Bergen County Board of Commissioners on November 6, 2012. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners. He has previously served as both Chairman in 2016 and Chair Pro Tempore in 2020.

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