Veteran of the Month: How to Apply!

Bergen County Veteran of the Month is a project in collaboration with the Bergen County Division of Veteran Services to collect, preserve, and makes accessible the personal accounts of American Veterans for future generations.

Since this is a monthly publication, we are always in need of great nominations. If you know a Veteran in Bergen County who deserves to be recognized, please refer to this guide to nominate them.

Submission Guidelines

Bergen County Veteran of the Month works best with 3 to 5 good photos — at least one of them should be in uniform. If possible, submit larger file sizes with better resolutions. Consider scanning a physical photo if you do not have a digital copy readily available. Send the photos with the following information:

  • 1.) Name, branch, occupation, and years of service Example: (Timothy “Tim” Lawson, Marines, 6672 Aviation Supply, 2006 to 2011)
  • 2.) Tours, deployments, and campaigns (OIF, OEF, Vietnam, Gulf War, etc.)
  • 3.) Notable awards (Purple heart, Bronze star, NAM, Army Achievement, etc.)
  • 4.) Current geographic location (so we can localize the story and promote to the community)

Bonus info includes what they’re doing now, significant moment(s) during their service and other unique information.

You can send all of the material to [email protected].

In the subject line, put “[Veteran’s name] for Veteran of the Month.” It is important that you include as much of the requested material as possible, as it is necessary to complete and publish a Veteran of the Month.

Every Veteran is worthy of recognition. They do not need to meet any other criteria other than having honorably served their country.

Thank you for contributing to this important monthly tradition.

Bergen County Division of Veteran Services

The Division of Veterans Services was established in 1977 to provide resident veterans and their dependents with information and assistance in obtaining earned entitlements from federal, state, and local governments, as well as any that are available from the private sector.

Through a quarterly newsletter and direct client contact, the division provides Bergen’s veterans organizations and their auxiliaries and individual residents with up-to-date benefit information.

Picture of Commissioner Steve Tanelli

Commissioner Steve Tanelli

Steven A. Tanelli was elected to the Bergen County Board of Commissioners on November 6, 2012. Commissioner Tanelli served as Chairman in 2016 and 2021, Vice Chairman in 2015, and Chair Pro Tempore in 2020.

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